About Contempo Art Collections

Contempo Art Collections (CAC) is committed to promoting the work of artists who specialize in contemporary art forms. CAC’s business cornerstone is, the marketing and selling, of a range of contemporary artists and their work. CAC seeks out the unusual in a range of different mediums and is founded on a dedication to offering people the most innovative trend-setting work of impeccable quality that in its content delivers social content at unmatched costs.

CAC is an Australian company owned by, its founding director, MS Julie Fielke who established the company in August 2015. Julie had been working off shore with refugees utilizing art as a mental health therapy as a form of expression, when she became aware that artists, under the most dire circumstances, with extremely simple and limited recourses, could produce some brilliant and outstanding work. During this period Julie also became aware of the brilliant work of American, Valentino Dixon and the circumstances under which he produces his work. This total experience motivated Julie to establish Contempo Art Collections to promote struggling artists who produce beautiful works under conditions that are less than perfect.

CAC is a web gallery, there is a deliberate reason for this, Galleries, involve ongoing costs and Julie does not want to pass these onto either the customer or the artist. Julie advocates people’s lives can be enhanced by art, her aim is provide fantastic art at affordable prices that will appeal to the public and support the artist. Any artist in any medium who wants to display their work on the Contempo Art Collections Web Gallery should contact Julie by emailing jfielke@contempoartcollections.com.au

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